The Canal Raids

The Effect on Canal Traffic

The figures speak for themselves. The tables show the number of barges passing through the locks in Münster. The left hand table is traffic heading north to the sea and the right hand table is traffic heading towards the Ruhr valley from the sea.

The 1945 figures dramatically show the effect of the bombing...........kein traffic.

It should also be remembered how many troops were tied up manning the flak batteries that guarded the canal.


Albert Speer 

After the war, Albert Speer (in his book Inside the Third Reich) wrote that of all the strategic attacks made on Germany, the raids on the canals had by far the greatest effect on the German war effort.

 Bomber Harris

Bomber Harris, in his speech at the RAF Bomber Command Reunion Dinner held in London and April 30th 1977 also spoke about the effect of the bombing on Germany's ability to deliver prefabricated U-Boat sections using the canals.