The Canal Raids

Update Log

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5th March 2021
A previously unknown 'gardening' raid in August 1944 has been added.

15th July 2019
The Calendar of Raids has been updated with more accurate details.

20th November 2018
Courtesy of Ronald Damant we have added an image of his great uncle, F/O G T G Terris.

8th September 2015
Courtesy of David Graham we can add an image of P/O Trevor Perry from NG321.

6th September 2015
Information received from Gerard A. Bekke gives details of the loss (due to collision) of LM309 and ND868.

16th January 2014
A page from the logbook of 1579539 F/S Clifford W Morley has been added to the September 1943 page courtesy of Deena Wardle (niece of F/S Morley).

11th October 2013
Details of a visit to the crash site of LM223 have been sent in by Mike McCall, the nephew of one of the crew, F/O Cyril McCall.