The Loss of Lancaster JA691

Ongoing research projects

I have Andreas Reuter to thank for the two photographs below. All RAF airmen were exhumed from Greifswald and taken to Berlin on the 28th July 1948. However, there are reports of RAF headstones remaining in other cemeteries. The green area in the lower left photograph shows the resting place of the crews prior to 1948. The lower right photograph shows this area today.


Greifswald is a beautiful old German University town and you might like to visit the website produced by Andreas.

The following site will be available in October and will contain images of Peenemünde.

If there are any other graves remaining in this area I hope to be able to locate them and identify the crew member. Chorley's book of Bomber Command Losses indicates that at least two crew members are "missing" from the cemetery in Berlin.
Finally, I hope to track down any photographs that might show the crash sites of some of the Peenemünde bombers lost in this area.