The Loss of Lancaster JA691


Special acknowledgement must be given to the following organisations and individuals:


Dr Josef Krinner in Bavaria for his help in providing both photographs and background information relating to the loss of JA691.

The Public Records Office in London for permission to publish extracts of 49 Squadron's daily records.

"Uncle Will" Hay of the 49 Squadron Association and John Ward, author of "Beware Of The Dog At War" a history of 49 Squadron for their background information.

The RAF Museum in Hendon for permission to publish the aircraft loss cards.

Niemanns Forlag of Hadeslev for their permission to publish the aerial photograph of the Ameise radar site.

Oberst Both and Major Kille for allowing me to visit the present day Luftwaffe base at Schleswig.

Alex Herz of Schleswig for generously giving of his time to act as my guide and for additional background details.

Claus Jørn Lildholdt of the Aabenraa Town archives for his help in tracking down the original site of Ameise.

Air Historic Branch MOD in London for providing me with the initial information about the loss of JA691.

Jørgen Jørgensen and Rasmus Jessen of Egernsund for their eye witness accounts.

David Brown for allowing me to tour the old accommodation sites of RAF Fiskerton.

Jean Mabin and Hans & Marilyn Nissen of Løjt Kirkeby for their assistance and hospitality.

Carsten Petersen of Aahrus for answering my initial internet enquiries.

The Town Council of Aabenraa for their support.

In September 1999 Alan Parr finally followed in his uncle's footsteps when he manned the rear turret of Lancaster NX611 as it taxied down the runway at East Kirkby airfield.


RAF East Kirkby